Friday, August 15, 2008


Bill is full of surprises, and a great example of this was last year, when we took trains across Europe, he shocked us all by saying the name of the longest place in the world, as our train passed through and the long never ending sign passed us by.


So we demanded immediate lessons, and since then we have all been able to break out the tongue twister on demand...

At the end of our holiday last year, we diverted the trip and booked into a hotel in Llanfair p.g. which was great fun, the town comprises of a train station with the biggest gift shop you'd ever see, and a chipper - which we all concurred did the best fish and chips we'd ever had!
So this year of course, we had to stop by and try those fish suppers again! We weren't let down! The freshest fish, in a dark beer batter, with juicy salty chips and mushy peas... when you're hungry its manna from heaven!

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Ciara said...

YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE ME LAFF! I truly have missed you guys this summer and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!HURRAY!