Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dub be good to me...

We've only seen a handful of vw vans as we've travelled along, we saw alot in Britain and then one or two on our way to the mill. Then we saw none, bar one in our campsite in Florence, and we were shocked at the lack of them in Germany where we were sure they'd be rife!
In amsterdam there was rumours of one in the campsite, but I never saw it, and so we were delighted when we drove into our site in Bruges and saw we had a neighbor. This was a lovely van, with completely original interior, owned by a french couple taking their maiden voyage to sweden! We chatted with them, and told them what we had learned from our trip, and from those more expert than we!
The other vw van we saw in Belgium was turned away from our campsite, as it was full, and so they parked up outside on the street for a rest. It was a deep silver, and had been given a "pimp out" which I found really unappealling. It had blacked out windows, alloy wheels and a spoiler!! It looked like a thug! The vw can barely reach 60 miles an hour so why anyone would make it sporty is beyond me!
I really think the vw campervan should be made to look as close to it would have originally, modernising them just makes them look sad, like mutton dressed as lamb... it takes their personality (soul?) from them and they don't deserve that!!
They are old ladies, give them chintz and flowers, not leather and spikes!

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