Wednesday, September 3, 2008


What a weekend we had last weekend! The Electric Picnic took over, now familiar Stradbally and we were, yet again, completely won over by the Pod Productions offering to the festival circuit! They create such a wonderland, with such attention to detail, and the whole affair is reminiscent of Disneyland... not a stone unpainted, not a fairylight forgotten!
The one thing I absolutley love love about the picnic is the absense of young twats out to cause mayhem... the whole crowd are pleasant, happy and there to relax, there is a sense of joviality in the air, displayed in even the most introverted getting their spotty wellies and zogabons on!
 The line up is always interesting, the picnic constantly offering an eclectic mix of old and new, with nothing too contemporary, nothing to draw the teenyboppers! 

We went this year with our children, and it was brilliant.  Mary had a ball, feeling like one of the gang as she strolled through the crowds in her wellies and skinny jeans... Joe (equpped with ear protectors) enjoyed all the attention, and slept through most of the evenings entertainment. There was a whole section dedicated to children, with workshops ranging from basket making to stone writing! The rain held off nicely until the early hours of Monday morning and it seems the Electric Picnic did not fail to disappoint anyone.

The mix of music and art, with the most curious displays of puppetry, sand art, and performances from all sorts, is perfect fodder for those hungry for an alter ego, an alternate world.... 
 One where they strip off the suit, the mortgage, the stresses and the strains and float back eagerly into the carefree existence they once knew as childhood!