Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Go West...

So we took our first trip in the Van. To Galway to see Davey and Carmel get married.
Popup tents are the future!
We camped in Salthill the first night, to give the van a good test, and it was great fun. We still haven't bought a barbeque so Big B made sausages on a handy little disposable. Then we played a few hands of 'Bullshit' which was great fun, marred only by my realisation halfway through that i had forgotten Big B's suit for the wedding!! He never ever cries over spilt milk (unlike myself) so the fun continued until time to turn in.

Little M and Big B, when I announce I forgot his suit!
The elements were, lets say, wild... and poor Big B and Aunty R were in our little pop up tent so needless to say they had a nailbiting night. Myself, Little M and the grub were blissfully unaware of this as we snored away in the cosy van!

Big B points out the swans to the grub

The next day, under a glorious sky, myself and Big B went into Galway city to buy him a suit, and had a nice time strolling around before back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

An old dress and a new suit...

The wedding was lovely, the speeches were fantastic (my brother was best man) and the night was danced away, I was grateful for my Clarks shoes which were soooo comfy!

Before it got messy!

The next morning we headed back to Dublin and left the van back to my mothers, where we will leave it - we reluctantly said goodbye and went home to our own house. On the way home it was decided the Van needed a name and we came up with Lady Bird, her steadfast nature had a certain ladylike nature to it.

Welcome Lady Bird!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A dream come true..

We finally, after months (and I suppose years) waiting, picked up our 1973 Devon pop top from Cosy Classics.

We went for a brown and red interior, which caused some controversy with the upholsterer, but we are really pleased and think it goes really well.

I took a solo trip in it the next morning down to see Ciara, and it was scary driving a van for the first time, coming around corners I was sure it would topple over!

We had tea sitting at the little table, as our young lads played around.
I am so overwhelmed that we have it, that we own a campervan and can head off into the sunset at a moments notice, all the saving, dreaming, working has come to an end! Its ours!
This weekend we are off to Galway for a wedding. I'll let you know how we get on!!