Friday, August 15, 2008


Hello campers! Birdie made it!! Isn't she fab!!

So arriving in Britain to rain and wind, not much different than Belgium...! But thankfully by the time we arrived in Wales, the rain had stopped and the wind had died down, and so it was camping reminiscent of childhoods spent in Brittas Bay...

We had rang ahead and were greeted with a chorus of "Come on DOWN!" so we were looking forward to a bit of camp in camp!! We weren't disappointed as the reception was manned (I use the term lightly) by a very colourful pair, one who fell about in a mock swoon every time I spoke to him claiming to be a "goner for an irish accent!" 
The campsite was spotless, with great facilities and a shortcut through the most scenic countryside brought us to a delightful little town on the sea! 
We found ourselves, for dinner, in a hotel that didn't seem to have moved with the times, I kept expecting Benny from Crossroads to come around the corner!

After a pie and chips dinner, followed by treacle tart (never had it before - YUM!) we headed back through the fields, in the dark, to our campsite. It was eery and beautiful, but scary-scary and I swear I could hear Derek Acorah whisper "Whats that Sam?" when the wind picked up as we rounded the hill!

We keep remarking how it doesn't feel that the trip is over.... but it is.... tomorrow we'll board the boat to Dun Laoire, drop Birdie off to my moms, get back into our regular car and head back to our house... until next year!!!


Emma said...

What a beautiful little cove. So picturesque.

Ciara said...

I love your description Lisa, hilarious!